life coaching

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Life Coaching - The ability to negotiate this life, with its many bumps and interruptions is challenging, to say the least.

Zenobia brings her clients a wealth of experience, accompanied by compassion and technique.

She assists them to define their area of focus and to strategically achieve the goal(s) of their plan.

Wellness coaching

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Wellness Coaching - A certified fitness instructor who has dedicated the last 35 years to providing the best health possible for herself and her family,

Zenobia believes in prevention. Nutrition, including clinically tested supplementation, exercise, hydration, rest and relaxation, as well as quiet times of reflection, all have roles in our overall health and well being.

Academic coaching

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Academic Coaching is a direct result of years spent in the classroom, facilitating academic and life success courses.

When a student connects with her/his learning style and learns the importance of

learning strategies such as time management, goal setting, and note-taking, that student becomes a true manager of her/his education. They become successful!

Helping you to map and achieve your goals


Whichever tense is proper and appropriate, based on your design.

Professor B (I call her that affectionately ;) is an exemplary talent! She is focused on helping you, solving problems, and finding solutions. Most importantly, her services are done with a touch of personal concern. Meaning, each person is treated as an individual which she cares about, not just another client "Tracy M"

A Fantastic coach! Zenobia is kind, helpful, positive and friendly. she gave me great ideas to help me move forward with identifying and reaching my goals.

Last Thursday evening I sent a text to someone I knew who'd offer me encouragement and hope for a challenge I'd face the next day. Ms. Zenobia Bailey not only spoke words that encouraged me but she also helped me find an inner strength that had been suppressed. For that I am filled with gratitude, and say to those looking for an earthly one who is genuine in her concern and support of others, Mrs. Zenobia Bailey is that person. Seek her out today.

If you are seeking to live a successful, productive, and meaningful life, then you must hire Zenobia as your life and wellness coach. In addition to becoming a better me, I have excelled as a wife, mother, and professor since I started her program. I was a woman who thought I had it all together, but after I started Zenobia's program, my life elevated in ways you would not imagine. Through her coaching, I was able to identify and reach my goals, even though at the time my goals did not seem realistic to me.