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WAIT! Don’t Get Rid of Your Cat

(and don’t break up with your girlfriend either!)

You don’t have to make a choice between the two

I have created a proven system where your girlfriend and your cat can live together peacefully.

YES There is a way to make everybody’s happy Your Girlfriend Your Cat and You

Your girlfriend says she will break up with you if you don’t get rid of your cat?

She wants you to give away your cat before you move in together?

I know you love your cat.

I also know you don’t really want to give away your cat as otherwise you would have not get here.

If you feel your cat is like your child, a family member, a friend with whom you have a bond, clearly you wouldn’t want to give away your cat would you?

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Do you feel that just even thinking about giving away your cat breaks your heart? Then think how would you actually feel afterwards.

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The feeling of giving away your cat will bring a lot of grief and is sadness. It’s not something that goes away, it’s something that would always be in the back of your mind. “Why did I give away my cat. Was it worth it? “

Besides, who knows, what if you and your girlfriend or fiance ever decide to breakup after you gave away your cat? As optimistic as you can be, sometimes things happen and people breakup.

That’s a horrible feeling because you may very well find yourself in the worst situation ever in which you lost your cat for nothing, that can be a very devestating feeling and you can never forgive yourself.

Don’t give up your cat. Don’t break up with your girlfriend.

How about a win-win-win situation?

Where everyone is living in harmony with one another.

Is it possible?
You bet it is.
I have seen it happening over and over

I’m Mia Goldstein.

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I love cats and I’m an at helping cats and owners improve the life of their beloved feline. I’m a member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and a memeber of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP). All my life I’ve been surrounded by cats. I love these amazing animals and helping people overcome behavioral issues they may have with cats. It’s true that not everyone likes cats, but I take the time to learn why some people simply can’t stand them. . Based on this information and experience with couples, I’ve created a system that works to help people who don’ tlike cats end up getting along with cats.

“But my girlfriend hates my cat”

I have heard this many times as well as any excuse in the book.

The reality is you may perceive that your girlfriend is asking you to do something unthinkably horrible, but her point of view is that she has valid reasons why she doesn’t like cats.

Perhaps she’s afraid of cats, thinks they’re dirty or just has a general aversion to cats, but there are usually deeper reasons than these superficial complaints.

“But my girlfriend is allergic to cats”

Unless your girlfriend is so severely allergic to cats that she requires ER services, then 99% of allergies can be alleviated as directed in my guide. I have even seen severely allergic people get along fine with cats.

*always consult with a doctor regarding allergies.

My system is based on extensive research and my years of experience.
The guide is the only one with a three-way approach that addresses your needs, your cat’s needs and your girlfriend’s needs.
It’s very easy to follow yet extensively comprehensive.

If you follow my guide and videos there is no way that your girlfriend wouldn’t accept your cat!

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Here’s what get

* “Your girlriend & your cat in harmony ” This easy to follow guide provides step by step instructions for achieving completely harmony in the home!
* Videos which makes things even easier to understand and follow.
* 60 days personal email consultation - You can ask me anything and get my help.

Try my system! You owe it to your cat, your girlfriend – and most importantly – yourself!

Must have a an outstanding inviting VISUAL Showcasing my guide as a physical product somehow as people need to get they are getting “something” Maybe a physical looking book and DVD.

Now only $47.00

Normal price $ 129.00

Here’s just some of issues my guide covers are:
- Cat Allergies - Most allergies can be overcome. I cover all the methods including the less known ones which can make all the difference.
- Fear of Cats - The source of the fear and how to over come it.
- Your cat doesn’t like your girlfriend - Your cat may see your girlfriend as an intruder to its territory, I teach you the proper way to introduce your girlfriend to your cat.
- Understanding Canine and Feline Differences – If your girlfriend has experience with dogs then cats can be quite a culture shock. The fix is easy however.
- Cat Behavior - Understaning why cats do what they do.
- Jealousy Issues – Make your girlfriend and your cat feel uniquely loved and special.
- Pregnancy & Babies – There are many myths that cats and babies are mutually exclusive. Nothing is further from the truth!
These just barely scratches the surfance, there are many more issues that I cover in great details and more importantly how to over come all the hurldes that your girlfriend and cat may have.

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f you’re not sure this guide will work, then try it for 30 days. If you find the guide wasn’t helpful, not only will you get a 100% full refund, but I’ll add 10% to your refund! I’m betting my OWN PERSONAL cash that you’ll find this guide extremely helpful!

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If your girlfriend loves you and are willing to put just a tiny bit of effort into it I am absolutely sure that my guide will totally change her perception of cats.

I am not saying that your girl will fall crazingy in love with your cat, but I am definitely saying that your girlfriend and your cat can get along just fine.
Surprisingly, I have been evident to cases in which people who hated cats turned into adoring them.

Sad Cat

Don’t disappoint your cat!

Giving away your beloved pet means that you’re guaranteeing that you’ll never have peace of mind that the cat is being as well-treated as it was with you.
Here’s the thing – even if you give your cat to a no-kill shelter, your cat still won’t be fine.
Not all cats get adopted, and the fact is your cat has a very high chance of spending the rest of its life in a cage, wondering why you so callously abandoned him or her.
The best shelters still fail to replicate the loving household you created for your cat. Your cat will never get even a fraction of the love and attention you provided.
The rate of cat adoption from shelters is sadly way too low. Most cats that get adopted are kittens or at the very least, very young cats.
Would you just give away a human child?
Don’t give away your feline child!

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David & Karen

“I would have never believe that I would be able to persuade Karen to let me keep my cat Mushi who is now actually our cat thanks to Maya”

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“Maya I can’t thank you enough for your help, my now wife Goldy is not just living in peace with my cat Lili, but she’s playing with her, sometimes I think Lili likes my wife more than she likes me.”

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Leon & Vika

“My girlfriend didn’t agree to move live together with me if I keep my cat. Thanks to your great help and useful tips we are now all living together”

Yes I want my girlfriend andcat to get along!

Get my guide + videos + personal email consultation now for $47.00 (reg. price $127.00)

If you decide not to get my guide and try to make the life with your girlfriend and your cat work, please find your cat a wonderful home – not a shelter.

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